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"Empowering and educating the public to manage non-potable water in their communities"

Integrated Cross Connection Partners


In 2008, Integrated Cross Connection Partners, LLC was founded with 1 sole purpose - Educate and Assist those interested in learning about Cross Connection and Backflow. We are dedicated to developing and creating innovate learning methods to impart the necessity of non-potable water management. The Company’s founder, Carroll Matthews believes that learning about Cross Connection Control and Management is best accomplished by involving interested participants in demonstrations the visually explain how Backflow occurs.

Not only does Integrated Cross Connection Partners possess a proprietary demonstration model, but we also created a video titled "Backflow Prevention: A Shared Responsibility" - available at  From Water Treatment Plant to end user, the Video provides the viewer with a step-by-step approach to understanding the dangers of Backflow and Backsiphonage and how each can be managed successfully. Integrated Cross Connection Partners, LLC will continue to develop and deliver creative educational tools that provide viewers and field personnel alternative learning mechanisms. So check back with us frequently, or send an email request to to be placed on our mailing list for priority notification of new products to be released.